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Testing and Analysis

Weight Distribution:

As well as attempting to reduce the weight of the kart overall it is also important for us to focus on the weight dsistribution, attempting to balance the kart left and right whilst maintaining the optimum kart setup of 43% front and 57% rear. The image below shows the weight distribution before and after our design improvements have been implicated.

Weight Distribution

Track Analysis:

Alongside design improvements we will attempt to optimise the performance of the kart through on track testing as well as virtual simulations. These tests will allow us to match the karts handling and accelerations to suit the track, these elements will be controlled by altering variables in the kart setup; such as re-programming the speed controller, changing the ride height and varying the camber, caster and toe of the front wheels.

Below is a map of the kart track at Purdue.


Using a set of inputs a map of the throttle percentage around the track can be shown, these inputs can then be varied for different vehicle setups in order to predict performance.


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