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EVGP - Our Project


At The University of Warwick; EVGP (Electric Vehicle Grand Prix) is run as a fourth years masters project. Comprising 8 students from a variety of engineering disciplines we are tasked with designing and building an electric go-kart to compete at the annual EVGP in Indiana, U.S.A. The event is run by Purdue University and takes place over in April and May over two races; one at Purdue Grand Prix Track and the other at the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The event aims to kickstart innovation within the education sector, helping to boost development of exciting new designs and technologies for use in the automotice world.

2013 will be the third year running that Warwick racing has been represented at the EVGP. In 2011, a team of Warwick students entered the evGP as an extra curricular activity, achieving an overall finish of 4th out of 30 international collegiate entrants. In 2012 this was bettered as a group of nine masters students undertook the project and achieved a joint first finish.

This year, with last years kart as a bench mark, we hope to build on this and return to the competition to defend our title. We are aiming to improve the kart through weight reduction and optimisation of the power train. Alongside this we are striving to be heavily involved in outreach events to help promote the career of engineering to younger generations as well as championing the ethos of eco-friendliness with a car that is; Green, Reliable and Efficient.

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