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EVGP - Team Information

The Team 2012/13:

Below are listed the members of this years EVGP team. Each member has a management role and is also assigned to a technical team. This allows us to fulfill both the management side of the project but also to effectively distribute engineering design, build and test work.


Evangelos Contoleon
Team Leader and Sponsorship Manager/Chassis Team

I'm a 4th year Automotive Engineering student. I am the Team Leader and Sponsorship Manager of the 2013 Warwick evGP Team. It is my responsibility to ensure the smooth operation and organisation of the team and maintaining our common vision and goals. It is important to maintain focus and motivation towards achieving our goals while ensuring team cohesion, communication and transparency. I also direct the team’s efforts to work in partnership with our sponsors and supporters to achieve a positive outcome for all involved. Our aim is to work with Sponsors who share our vision for sustainable technologies, green motorsport and electric mobility.


Jenny Chan
Project Manager/Chassis Team

Hi, I am a fourth year student, studying Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick. I am the Project Manager of the 2013 Warwick evGP team, responsible for managing tasks and progress of our team, I am also part of the chassis team, where we are looking into improving the performance of the kart through light-weighting and protection. For 2013, I am looking forward to going back to the United States to defend our championship as well as being able to organize a UK event to allow opportunities for local universities to form their own evGP teams!


Alexander Kullman
Finance Manager/Chassis Team

Alexander Kullmann 4th Year Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering MEng Student. My main role on the 2013 EVGP team is finance. I monitor the finances of the project ensuring we stay within the allowed budget and watch the incomings and outgoings carefully. I look at purchasing parts, shipping, communicating with sponsors, the university, and correctly budgeting the project from start to finish. As well as being in charge of finance, my work on the kart focusses primarily on the steering components on the vehicle. This year I am looking at clever ways of reducing the weight of the components using a variety of materials and laser sintering technologies. I am also helping with the bodywork of the vehicle by researching designs for the rear bumper and side pods.


Sean Oliver
Chief Engineer/Powertrain Team Leader

My major role on the project is the chief engineer which means ensuring that our kart functions well as a whole. I’m in my fourth year of studying a systems engineering degree after taking a year out from my studies last year to gain a years experience working in industry. I’m extremely proud to part of the 2012-13 EVGP team, I think it’s a project which has a large amount of relevance to the challenges in the automotive industry. My main experience relating to the EVGP project is racing 1/10th scale electric model cars which have a surprisingly similar drive system to those used in EVGP karts. I have keen interest in motorsport and have dabbled in some friendly karting in the past.


Matthew Duckhouse
PR and Website Manager/Chassis Team Leader

Having been involved with the evGP project during my third year, in which I undertook a research project on light weighting of the kart chassis through a switch to Aluminium Alloy, I was delighted to be picked for this year’s group project. As manager of our website and PR I am responsible for ensuring news of our progress reaches it’s required audience, sponsors etc. Use of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs on our Website will keep people in touch with the team’s achievements throughout the year. It also logs our outreach events and provides great coverage for sponsors. My other role, as head of the Chassis Team, allows me to get involved in the more technical side of the project. This year we are looking at light weighting and distribution of weight as one the key areas to improve kart performance. We have also placed a great importance on kart safety, through use of bumpers and side pods.


Sam Tracy
CAD Manager/Powertrain Team

I'm a 4th year Automotive Engineering student. My main role on the evGP team is to take the cells that were used last year and put them through rigorous test cycles using the battery testing facility here at the University, this will ensure that we are using the best cells in matched sets for the kart and hopefully iron out any sudden voltage drops we may have otherwise suffered. The benefit of this is that it costs our team almost nothing but we should see a quantifiable benefit for the race. In addition to this I'm in charge of CAD admin, making sure that the team's efforts are effectively used and the part models are properly integrated.


Luke Lynch
Outreach Manager and Test Engineer/Powertrain Team

I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineer and participate in a lot of motorsport in my spare time. As a Test Engineer my role is to look at track and test data and alter setup to improve performance accordingly. I consider the bigger picture; working with both the chassis and powertrainteams to ensure alterations made to the kart are viable and optimal. I also support them in their everyday roles, enhancing battery performance and light-weighting the vehicle.


Maurício Carreiro
Health and Safety Manager/Powertrain Team

I am a 4th year MEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Warwick. Coming from Brazil to do a one year exchange program, I am very excited by having the opportunity to be part of the 2012-13 EVGP Team. As the Health and Safety Manager my role is to make sure that our designs and processes are aligned with the most modern H&S regulations and practices used nowadays. Besides, working on the Powertrain we’ll focus on making it more efficient. Once we optimise it, we will be able to run with less energy and therefore with fewer batteries cells, which will be an important way of reducing the weight, improving the kart performance.

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