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Data Acquisition and Performance Optimisation

“Performance optimisation within competitive motorsport through data acquisition and computational analysis”

Matt Dent, Data Analyst and Racing Engineer 2014/2015

This research project aimed to investigate various methods of data acquisition over a range of vehicular characteristics and to construct a standalone system for use within competitive motorsport.

The initial specification for this project related to the benefits of understanding and manipulating physical data from a testing environment, and apply such knowledge towards the improvement in performance of a competitive vehicular system. This required a data acquisition system to operate within a closed environment. This occurs when the vehicle’s ECU is inaccessible, and therefore an external system required construction to measure user defined inputs.


Through extensive research, it became apparent the ideal solution for this scenario would be to start afresh to implement, calibrate and analyse a completely new system. However, this would not be time nor cost effective, and led to the decision to implement a standalone ECU and data logging system independent of the engine management system controlled by the stock ECU.
The result from this project introduced a pioneering DAQ system into Warwick Universities Formula Student team, Warwick Racing, which opened the potential for expansion in both design and performance improvements.