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Vehicle dynamics involves the design and build of the suspension system by studying and understanding the responses of the vehicle in various in-motion situations. It is fundamental in determining how competitive your car is compared to others on the grid.


Last year saw some great innovation with the development of floating discs, lightweight optimized titanium uprights and our first piece of track data to give us information on the forces our suspension must withstand.

This year we look to build and improve on this so we can improve our on-track performance. Our aims include:

1. To make necessary design changes for the optimised suspension setup for WR7.

2. Research and development of an Anti roll bar to help reduce the body roll of the car during cornering or when driving over irregularities in the road.

3. To develop our own simulation of the car that will allow us to predict the performance of the car before driving it to reduce the need of on-track testing.

4. To train up the team that could create a competitive WR8 design in Term 2 through design exercises and weekly skill sessions.