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Warwick Formula Student News 08/09
(26/02/09) Varley Red Top talk and a progress update

On Monday 23rd February the team attended a talk by one of our sponsors, Varley Red Top. We learnt a lot about the different types of battery available on the market and which were the best for the motorsport sector. We also learnt how best to look after and maintain the batteries provided to us by the company and ensure they give us the full Varley Red Top performance.

Progress with the manufacture phase of the project is now advancing fast, with the uprights, brake discs, wishbones, spaceframe and bodywork all under manufacture. With the design of all vital components now frozen, it is time to start allocating space on the bodywork for the decals of our sponsors.

The powertrain team have now moved to dyno testing of current aspiratory set-ups for the engine. The team can now establish a good fuel map in a relatively short time thanks to progress with automation of the dyno-testing facilities.

The team are also proud to announce a new sponsor - H.S.Marston, who have been helping the team specify and design a bespoke radiator which they will then supply.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors once again for their invaluable continued support.

(09/01/09) Full car render and poster

On Wednesday 7th January the team had to have completed a poster for assessment by a panel of judges. This poster details progress to date compared to the project objectives set at the start. The poster also includes our project timeline, sponsors and a full render of the car.

This was the first time that our design had been on display to the public, and the feedback we received from both the assessors and the general public was good. A reduced-size copy of the poster is included with this entry. The full quality 6 x 3 poster is on display in the Warwick University School of Engineering.

(12/12/08) CAD model complete

On Friday 12th December the WFS 08/09 team presented a full CAD model of our design to the supervisory committee. This included every part required to assemble a fully-functioning car, including bolts and other fixings. The committee approved the design, with a couple of conditions, and gave a high progress mark to the team.

The conditions laid down included further work on the roll hoop stiffness, bodywork design and suspension components.

The team now breaks for Christmas until Monday 5th of January. Work, however, progresses on the aforementioned areas.

(10/10/08) New Year, New Team

On Friday 3rd October 2008, the first meeting of this year's Warwick Formula Student team took place. This marks the official start of the project, with all members being assigned roles and duties and a planned direction of the project being set.

Information and profiles for the team will shortly be uploaded to the website along with appropriate contact details.

This year's team is highly motivated and includes members with very useful experience in various fields associated with the project. As such we are aiming for several things:

1: To have a full CAD of the car, down to the smallest nuts and bolts by Christmas break (5th Dec).

2: To have a full kit of parts ready for assembly by Easter break, in order to have the car assembled and ready for testing a month prior to the competition.

3: To achieve a top-10 ranking at the Silverstone competition in July.

To accomplish this we have already completely dismantled the W7 car in order to salvage any useful parts and, more importantly, to build a full product structure before design tasks are allocated and ensure every single component gets an appropriate level of attention.

More information will be posted at this site regularly, please subscribe to this news feed.