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Unmanned Aerial Inspection Vehicle - News

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Thank you!

A copy of the thesis can be downloaded throught the Warwick archive:

Although the project has officially ended I am still interested in taking it further, if you would like to get in touch please email me using the "page contact" link at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone involved for making this project possible and as much fun as it has been.
 Dr. Stefan Winkvist

Thu 27 Feb 2014, 08:13


The thesis is finally finished, printed and bound!

Viva is due in September, a digital copy will hopefully be available shortly afterwards.


Mon 24 Jun 2013, 16:21 | Tags: HexaKopter


I wrote a paper describing the success I've had with the Hexakopter project and some of the challenges involved.

It has just gone to print in the Industrial Robot journal, you can access it here.

Tue 30 Apr 2013, 09:07

Wired Magazine UK!

My Hexakopter UAV project has gotten a two page spread in Wired Magazine UK!

Check out the March 2013 edition now on sale (click here for the online version)

Wired Article
Image source: @warwickuni on Twitter:

Tue 05 Feb 2013, 16:12

Now: "As seen on TV!"

The project was featured today on BBC Midlands Today!!!

If you missed it, the clip can be viewed on their facebook page: Click here to view the video

Thu 27 Sep 2012, 20:09 | Tags: BBC, Midlands Today, Mikrokopter, Helicopter, HexaKopter, progress, video, hovering

New Video!

Here's a new video taken during the first "official" test flight: (Watch in HD)

Sun 16 Sep 2012, 11:01

Farnborough Airshow

The Exhibition went very well, great fun.
Had a lot of interest in the Hexakopter from both the public and companies. Now, if only I had a penny for every time I heard someone say "Look, it's got a go-pro on it!"...

On the two days I was there (Thursday/Friday) I flew the Hexakopter around the UAV showcase area, a large netted area in hall 3. For various reasons the other demonstrators had to pull out so I ended having the whole test area for myself for the entirety of both days!

Unfortunatly, due to a lot of WiFi interference I couldn't fly it autonomously, so got a lot of practice hand flying it.

dsc_0260.jpg dsc_0001_6-2.jpg

Click here to see all the photos

Thu 19 Jul 2012, 10:06

Farnborough International Airshow 2012


The Hexakopter and the WMR rescue robots will be on display at the Farnborough International Airshow next week!

It will be on display at the WMG stand from Monday 9th to Friday 13th. I will be attending Exhibition during the Thursday and Friday to talk to people about the project and also perform live demonstrations!

Fri 06 Jul 2012, 15:14

New Hexakopter

The new (slightly larger) hexakopter has arrived and been built.

It now has lights, as well as the added payload capacity to carry the GoPro!

Hexa lights


I'll upload a few more photos in the coming days.

Wed 27 Jun 2012, 09:02

BCS Coventry University Challenge 2012

I was kindly invited to present a poster at the BCS Coventry poster evening held in the Computer Science department at Warwick.
Not only was there a lot of interest in the UAV project and a lot of good questions, I also won the prize for the best poster from Warwick. Hurray!

Copyright BCS Coventry

Copyright BCS Coventry

Photos are © BCS Coventry (p.s. Thanks!!!)

Sun 25 Mar 2012, 16:51

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