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School welcomes new Honorary Professor of Power Systems

The School of Engineering is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr William Hung as an Honorary Professor. Dr Hung has been in the power engineering industries for over thirty years and has worked in a wide range of disciplines covering the electricity supply, turbine manufacturing, consultancy and R&D activities. Not only his 24-year track record with National Grid but his achievements at ERA, PB Power and GEC reflect his expertise in the field.

Speaking of the appointment, Professor Phil Mawby (leader of the School's Energy Theme and the Energy GRP) said; "We are delighted that Dr Hung will be working with the School - his wealth of expertise will be of benefit to both staff and students, and I greatly look forward to working with him".

Since privatization of the Electricity Supply Industry, he led the industry and pioneered frequency response testing techniques to improve and quantify generating plant performance in a simple contractual format. As a Technical Leader at National Grid, he led on system incident investigations, Smart Grid, Dynamic Demands, HVDC, WAM and RoCoF (Rate of Change of Frequency) issues.

Dr Hung’s mathematical modelling skills stem from winning the GEC Fellowship award enabling him to model the dynamic behaviour of aero-engine driven gas turbine, generator, excitation and governor control systems for optimizing control settings and minimizing commissioning effort. The subsequent published work was awarded Willans Premium (best paper) by the IEE/IMechE.

His extensive site test and stability investigation experience covers all plant types (steam, hydro, gas, wind and HVDC) in the UK and overseas including those on offshore oil platforms.

He strongly believes in supporting R&D activities and has forged good working relationships with leading Universities for over 10 years to exploit new technologies and advance control techniques in improving future system performance. He enjoys working with PhD students to inspire them along the way and conducting PhD viva examination as an External Examiner. He was an External Examiner and is now an Academic and Engineering Mentor to degree course students.

As a professional engineer, he is passionate about promoting power engineering. He has served in the IEE/IET Executive Committees for 20 years and he is a Fellow Member of the IET. He was the Chairman of VLPGO (Very Large Power Grid Operator International Forum) addressing HVDC issues on a global basis and member of the CIGRE.

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