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Suzanne Candanedo wins UKESF and UltraSoC Automotive Electronics Competition 2020

Suzanne Candanedo, who recently graduated from Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick, has won the UKESF and UltraSoC Automotive Electronics Competition 2020.

Suzy Candanedo
Suzy Candanedo

The competition requires entrants to produce a ‘think piece’ about the future of cyber security for connected and autonomous vehicles, written along the lines of a blog post in style rather than a formal essay. You can read Suzy’s winning entry here.

Suzy says: "My parents have always instilled in me to show curiosity and question things; and this blog was a good outlet. It was fun sharing my thoughts and reflections on the future of cybersecurity in autonomous vehicles. Hopefully, those who read it found themselves reflecting on something new too! This award was a fantastic way to end my undergraduate career and culmination of my aggregated experiences. So I would like to finish by thanking my professors, coursemates, friends, and family."

For more information about the UKESF and UltraSoC Automotive Electronics Competition, please see this webpage.