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Major UKRI funding to enable cleaner energy sources

Dr Hatef Sadeghi has awarded £1 million for his UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) Renewal to design novel quantum materials and devices for green energy harvesting from low-grade energy sources. The greatest challenge of our time is to switch to cleaner energy sources to address global warming and reduce CO2 emission, and Dr Sadeghi's new funding builds on his initial UKRI FLF project "Exploiting quantum and phonon interference for molecular thermoelectricity and Seebeck sensing".

HiMOL (Hybrid Molecular Energy Harvesting) is a programme of discovery science and will develop scientific understanding needed for hybrid energy harvesting through piezo-thermoelectric effect.

Dr Sadeghi, Associate Professor of Multiscale Modelling in the School of Engineering said: “Within the HiMOL programme, we will lay the foundation for a novel hybrid energy harvesting technology. I am delighted to receive this funding that will enable us to engineer novel quantum effects for green energy generation.”

Hatef Sadeghi