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The following list only include researchers who have worked/are working under direct supervision of Dr Rezania.

Current RA & PhD students:
Hamed Taghavizadeh Hamed Taghavizade, PhD student at University of Warwick. Start Nov. 2021. Hamed graduated from International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) in 2018 with an MSc in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. During his master thesis, he worked on soil liquefaction behavior and soil-structure-fluid interaction (SSFI). In his PhD research, he is working on innovative application of geo-wastes in pavements as a part of the EUTOPIA Program in a joint partnership with CY Cergy Paris Université.
Liem Dr Thanh Liem Vo joined the School of Engineering, Warwick University as a research fellow in March 2021. He is working closely with Dr Rezania and Dr Mousavi Nezhad on experimental aspects of coal mining waste geomaterials and their recycling/upcycling applications. Dr Vo's research interests include (1) applied problems involving unsaturated soils interacting with retaining wall, shallow foundations, stability/instability of slope/sinkhole/overhang/underground ore-pass, and on (2) hydro-mechanical behaviours of mine refuse (aggregates & tailings) and their implications. Dr Vo obtained his PhD (entitled “Interaction between a rigid retaining wall and unsaturated soils”) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia and is trained in laboratory and physical models testing in geomechanics. He has worked as a geotechnical engineer in many major infrastructure projects in NSW, Australia and has been a key researcher in two major research consortiums (TAILLIQ, MINRESCUE) and several other university-industry research collaborations.
Josephine Josephine Foghi, PhD student at University of Warwick. Start Jan 2020. Josephine holds a Master's degree in Engineering/Hydrogeology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. During her Masters thesis, she worked on the pertography and strength properties of some Precambrain rocks in Southwestern Nigeria. In her PhD research, she is working on the reuse of coal mining waste in Lightweight foam concrete as part of the MINRESCUE project objectives. This aims to conserve natural aggregates and eliminate the negative impacts of wastes on the environment.
Hesam Hesam Dejaloud, PhD student at University of Warwick. Start Oct 2019. Hesam holds a Master’s degree in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering from the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology in Iran. In his MSc, he developed a framework for modelling the behaviour of fibrous composite soils based on micromechanical homogenization techniques. The focus of his PhD project is on advanced constitutive modelling of clays and sands, to take into account the complex aspects of their natural behaviour. He is also working on the development of he first constitutive model for mining tip geomaterials.
Past members:
bs Bradley Sheridan, PhD student at University of Warwick. (Oct 2017-Sep 2022). Bradley is from Wigan and has a MESCi degree in Geology from the University of Liverpool, the main focus of his MESCi degree project was on investigating the fluvial sedimentary systems and understanding the tectonic and climatic activity of the Siwalik Group by decoding sedimentary signals. His PhD research was to study how clays’ features affect the engineering behaviour of geo-structures through characterising stability and performance of slopes and embankments which are predominantly made of these geomaterials. The aim was to understand the influence of clays microstructures on causing embankment type earthworks to fail. His PhD was fully sponsored by the ESPRC scholarship. Outside work/study, Bradley is a very keen rugby league player which he has many achievements in. He currently works for DNV.
GMa  Dr Derek Ma, PhD student at University of Warwick. (Jan 2018-Jan 2022). Derek completed his Bachelor degree of Engineering in 2013 and obtained his first class Master degree of Engineering in Geological Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) in China in 2016. After his master degree, he worked as a teaching assistant in SWJTU and also collaborated with China Geology Survey on the failure mechanism of consequent bedding rockslides. In 2016, he visited the University of Canterbury in New Zealand as visiting researcher. His PhD research in Warwick was on the reliability and stability analysis of engineering slopes and landslides, in particular he worked on the development of a stochastic large-deformation modelling framework for landslide post-failure analysis and hazard mapping. Derek is currently working as a researcher and Teaching Fellow at University of Warwick.
HDN Dr Hung D. Nguyen, PhD student at University of Nottingham. (Feb 2015-May 2020). After several years practice in the construction industry and an MSc degree in geotechnical engineering at University of Nottingham. Hung studied for his PhD at Nottingham with a scholarship from Vietnamese Government. His PhD was on modelling the time dependent behaviour of anisotropic soft clay with non-stationary surface theory and considering their inherent destructuration characteristics. He successfully developed anisotropic creep models for clays with easily determinable parameters from standard soil tests. He currently works for KSA Ltd., UK.
AH  Dr Alexander Hardcastle, PhD student at University of Nottingham. (Oct 2015-Nov 2019). Following a first class Masters degree in Civil Engineering from University of Nottingham, Alex completed a PhD at the same university. His PhD research was to create a fully coupled damage hydro-mechanical numerical tool for simulating hydraulic fracturing (fracking) processes taking into account the variations in pore fluid and internal crack fluid pressures. Alex's PhD was sponsored by EPSRC through a doctoral training grant. He won the best presentation award at the 2017 UK-InterPore conference. Currently Alex works in engineering practice at Groundline engineering Ltd., UK.
has.jpg Dr Hussein Al-Sarri, PhD student at University of Nottingham (Oct 2014-Sep 2018). Hussein completed his BSc degree in 1995 and received his MSc degree in 1999, both in Civil Engineering and from College of Engineering at Basrah University. After working for several years as Engineer, then Senior Engineer, in constructions industry, he started his PhD study in Geotechnical Engineering at Nottingham under my supervision. His PhD was sponsored by the Government of Iraq's Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. His PhD project was on the development of a unified anisotropic constitutive model for both clays and sands, within the critical state framework. Currently he is an Assistant Professor at University of Al-Qadisiyah in Iraq.
MB Dr Meghdad Bagheri, PhD student at University of Nottingham (Feb 2014-May 2018). Following his MSc degree (Distinction) in Geotechnics from University of Strathclyde and University of Glasgow (joint course) in 2011, Meghdad joined my group at Nottingham as a PhD student. The main focus of his PhD research was about the environmental impacts on the time- and rate-dependent behaviour of unsaturated natural clays. After his PhD Meghdad joined Coventry University, UK, as a Lecturer in Civil Engineering.

Dr Hossein Zanganeh, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Nottingham (Oct 2015-Jul 2018). Following his PhD from University of Strathclyde in 2015, Hossein joined my group at Nottingham as an RA working on an RFCS funded project, SLOPES (Smarter Lignite Open Pit Engineering Solutions). In SLOPES his main work was modelling the time-dependant behaviour of lignite spoils through numerical simulation and meso-scale testing. He is currently a Lecturer in Mechanics at Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University, UK.

ep.jpg Dr Elisa Poleti, Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Nottingham (Mar 2014-May 2015). The main focus of Elisa's research was validation and implementation of an elasto-viscoplastic anisotropic constitutive model, namely EVP-SANICLAY. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at University of Minho, Portugal.
DM-gimp Dr Dan Ma, Research Assistant at University of Nottingham (one year secondment from State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics at China University of Mining and Technology) (May 2016-Apr 2017). Currently he is a Professor at China University of Mining & Technology.