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PhD Vacancies

I am always keen to hear from potential PhD students, with an interest in silicon carbide (SiC), other wide bandgap materials and power semiconductor devices. The research carried out in the group encompasses device design and development, material growth, simulation and reliability. We are interested in power electronic devices, for a number of different applications, including electric vehicles, solar power, grid level power conditioning, and for the harsh environment of space. Examples of our projects include:

  • The development of radiation-hard lateral MOSFETs and IGBTs for satellite applications.
  • The development of a SiC IGBT with ratings of 10-15kV for grid level applications.
  • A new generation of Superjunction MOSFETs for automotive applications.
  • The development of novel SiC fabrication processes, now implemented in chip manufaturers.
  • Investigations into SiC RF devices.

As a research student in our group, you will be involved in academic projects with real world application, with our projects all supported by international industrial partners. You will learn many skills including the simulation, design, fabrication, and characterisation of silicon and silicon carbide transistors, diodes and other devices. You will use our state of the art fabrication and microscopy equipment within the new Science City clean room, and in the MAS facility. You will gain an appreciation of the power and high temperature electronics fields, attending academic conferences and publishing high impact papers.

I welcome applications from students wanting to work for a MPhil, PhD or MSc by Research in this area. Funding for qualified students from the UK/EU is usually available. Furthermore, I am keen to support students looking to apply to the International/EU Chancellors award (deadline December/January every year), the Chinese Scholarship Council Awards (March), or any other funding competitions.

Please make an enquiry by e-mail ( and make sure to attach a CV.