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ES97F - Medical Device: Design, Maintenance & Assessment

  • Module code: ES97F
  • Module name: Medical Device: Design, Maintenance & Assessment
  • Department: School of Engineering
  • Credit: 15

Module content and teaching

Principal aims

To develop a firm understanding of the principles of modern design, maintenance and assessment of healthcare technologies, including: medical devices, novel treatment and therapeutic technologies, technologies for a healthy life-course, systems and environments for care delivery. This module will provide the student with a firm grounding in methods and tools for design, management and assessment of health technologies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Principal learning outcomes

At the end of the module, students will be able to

· Understand the physical and physiological principles that underpin complex medical devices for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Compare and contrast the main aims, principles and components of these four categories of medical devices

· Characterize, describe, explain, identify, locate and recognize the main components of the principal healthcare technologies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation using functional diagrams and block diagrams.

· Apply methods to systematically evaluate, design and manage advanced healthcare technologies

· Critically assess the appropriateness of innovative health care technologies by reading a health technology assessment report.

· Participate in multidisciplinary studies aiming to critically evaluate the technological feasibility and cost-effectiveness of a new medical device. Identify, classify, prioritize medical or epidemiological needs and participate in studies aiming to identify the most suitable technological solutions to satisfy those needs

· Participate in multidisciplinary working group for the systematic design and development of innovative medical devices