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Student Testimonial

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Hear from Mr Chengxi Zhao

A bit about me:

- Before starting my PhD at the School of Engineering, I researched hypersonic flow for my Master degree in China

Why I chose Warwick for my doctorate:

- First, Warwick is very famous university not only in UK but also in the world, it provides me with great study and research environment. Another important reason is that I came for my supervisor, Prof. Duncan Lockerby, who is an excellent energetic young scholar of micro-nano flow.

What I like most at Warwick:

  • Kind, responsible and intelligent supervisors: Duncan Lockerby and James Sprittles.
  • - Multi-culturural and creative research group: Micro and nano fluid group
  • Beautiful campus: trees and lakes

If I could time travel, what advice would I give my younger self, when starting a PhD at Warwick?

- I’d like to come earlier if I have enough funding support.(maybe for Master degree)

If you were to describe your time at Warwick in just 3 words, what would they be?

  • - Happy
  • - Peaceful
  • - Enjoyable

Anything else to add?

- I hope Warwick can become better and better. It is a great honour to become part of it.

Mon 12 Feb 2018, 08:41