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Student Testimonial

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Hear from Ben Harris

  • Why did you decide to study this MSc course at Warwick?BenRR

For me it was extremely clear that the quality of research conducted at the School of Engineering was and remains distinct. Through knowing I would be surrounded by Warwick's leading researchers I knew that I would be supplied with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from those at the top of their game and give me a clear look into challenges in industry and the world as a whole.

  • Why the MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering specifically?

AME was the ideal course for me as it ensured I had the opportunity to choose from a wide curriculum that would build upon and compliment my previous undergraduate studies, while maximising my employability opportunities.

  • What was the best thing about studying the course?

The connection between lecturers, researchers, and students is what made the year most profitable for me. When studying at a postgraduate level at Warwick it is clear the sense of parity amongst all these groups which empowers the students to gain far more expertise than what is simply on the curriculum. I had the opportunity to conduct truly exciting and challenging research while surrounded with top class researchers which added a huge amount of value to my career and is something I am very grateful to have experienced.

  • What is your current job and how did the MSc prepare you for it?

Currently I work for Rolls-Royce as a Thermofluids Engineer where I was able to come in as a Direct Entrant, enabling me to skip the standard graduate scheme path taken by most. Generally, in my current area, direct entry is the preserve of those having done a PhD or Post-Doctoral research and as such the benefits of my MSc at Warwick can certainly not be understated. Without my experience at Warwick, I would not have the job I currently hold. This success is not simply through just completing the AME course at Warwick, but through building relationships with researchers, and learning and compounding the understanding they deliver in teaching. The most significant contribution Warwick made in helping me achieve my current position is in the leading research they enable their students to be a part of that adds value beyond a purely academic exercise.

  • Is there anything else that you think prospective applicants should know, when considering this course at Warwick?

I think you should certainly make it clear the spectrum of courses available within the remit of the course, and that this does not mean you are spread thin. Merely you happen to have a series of leading academics who can take each course. Think everything from batteries through to precision engineering, and biomechanics.

Wed 04 Jul 2018, 16:27