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Student Testimonial

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Hear from Dr Zarina Davletzhanova

A bit about me:

I was born in Uralsk in West of Kazakhstan. I studied my BSc. at Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilov in Astana. After my BSc. I came to the U.K to undertake my MSc. at the University of Warwick. After my MSc. and before starting my PhD at the School of Engineering I was working as a Teaching and Research Assistant at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan.

Why I chose Warwick for my doctorate:

I did my MSc in Engineering Systems at the University of Warwick and I was really happy with all the opportunities I have got during and after my studies. Based on the experience that I gained at the University of Warwick, I decided that Warwick would be the ideal place to pursue my PhD.

What I liked best about my time at Warwick:

After four years of studying, Warwick has become a second home to me. I think I was lucky to get so knowledgeable and supportive supervisors and colleagues.

After completing my doctorate:

I have worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick for almost one year. After nearly one year of working at the University, I received an offer to join McLaren Automotive Limited as Power Electronics CAE Engineer which I am very excited about.

If I could time travel, what advice would I give my younger self, when starting a PhD at Warwick?

Enjoy every single day of your PhD studies since it will end pretty much quickly.

If you were to describe your time at Warwick in just 3 words, what would they be?

  • Challenging
  • Inspiring
  • Rewarding/Unforgettable

Anything else to add?

Never give up, stay happy and enjoy what you are doing, don't put limits on your abilities and always dream big.

Mon 29 Jul 2019, 11:44