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Fluid Dynamics Seminars, 2012

Fluid Dynamics Seminar
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre
University of Warwick


January 18th: Amplitude and frequency modulation in wall-turbulence( Abstract )
Dr. Bharath Ganapathisubramani (Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton)

February 1st: Modelling of gas-solid turbulent flows with non-spherical particles( Abstract )
Dr. Berend Van Wachem (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial Colledge, London)

February 8th: Complexity, segregation and pattern formation in rotating-drum flows ( Abstract )
Dr. Gabriel Seiden (Department of Environmental Sciences and Energy Research, Weizmann Institute of Science)

February 22nd: Balancing a ball on a moving vertical wall covered in viscous fluid ( Abstract )
Prof. Tom Mullin (Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics)

May 2nd: The Structure of Monodisperse Foam ( Abstract )
Prof. Stefan Hutzler (Foams & Complex Systems Research Group, University of Dublin)

May 9th: Fluid-Structure Projects for Reentry Vehicles made of Inflatable Structures ( Abstract )
Dr. Sasan Armand (NASA Langley Research Center)

May 30th: Gravity-driven flows in stratified fluids ( Abstract )
Prof. Paul Linden (DAMTP, Cambridge)

June 13th: Three-dimensional effects in circular cavities of large aspect ratio ( Abstract )
Prof. Owen Tutty (University of Southampton)

June 20th: DNS of transitional airfoils and the associated noise generation
Dr. Richard Sandberg (School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton)

July 17th: Low-frequency intrinsic variability of the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the Atlantic basin ( Abstract )
Dr. Sandy Gregorio (LEGI, Grenoble)

October 17th: Unsteady Plumes and Explosive Volcanism ( Abstract )
Dr. Matthew Scase (Department of Civil Engineering, Nottingham University)

October 31st: Adaptive mesh refinement for discontinuous Galerkin method on quadrilateral non-conforming grids ( Abstract )
Dr. Michal Kopera (Naval Postgraduate School, California, USA)

November 7th: Appearance of three-dimensionality in wall-bounded MHD flows ( Abstract )
Dr. Alban Potherat (Coventry University)

November 28th: Cavitation for Therapy ( Abstract )
Dr. Paul Prentice (Institute for Medical Sci and Tech, University of Dundee)

December 5th: CANCELLED due to a delay in processing of Dr. Garzon's visa by British embassy in Bogota
Dr. Diego Alexander Garzon-Alvarado (Research Group on Numerical Methods for Engineering (GNUM), Universidad Nacional de Colombia - UN)