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Fluid Dynamics Seminars, 2014

Fluid Dynamics Seminar
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre
University of Warwick


January 15th: Dr. Marco Polin (Physics Department, Warwick University)
Flagellar synchronization and metachronal waves: lessons from green algae ( Abstract )

January 22nd: Dr Christopher Brady (Engineering, Warwick University)
Computer simulations in inertial confinement fusion - my part in their downfall ( Abstract )

February 12th: Dr Henrik Latter (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
Fine-scale structure formation in Saturn's rings ( Abstract )

February 26th: Prof. Suzanne Gray (Department of Meteorology, University of Reading)
Fluid dynamics of the atmosphere: an introduction to weather systems ( Abstract )

March 12th: Dr. Silvana Cardoso (Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge)
Turbulent bubble or droplet plumes: oceanic methane and carbon-dioxide releases ( Abstract )

April 23rd: Dr. Mitya Pushkin (Department of Physics, Oxford University)
Fluctuations and mixing in active suspensions ( Abstract )

April 30th: Dr. Andrew McMullan (Department of Engineering, University of Leicester)
Coherent Structure Evolution in Plane Mixing Layers ( Abstract )

May 14th: Dr. Adrian Barker (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
Tidal flows in extrasolar planets ( Abstract )

June 11th: Prof. Dmitry Markovich (Institute of Thermophysics, Sibirean Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)
Structure of turbulent jets and flames. Diagnostics and control ( Abstract )

June 12th Prof. Kerry Hourigan (Faculty of Engineering, Monash University)
A new spin on bluff body wake transitions ( Abstract )

June 18th: Prof. Colin D. Bain (Department of Chemistry, Durham University) IN ROOM A401!
Drops Behaving Badly ( Abstract )

July 21st: !! time: LUNCHTIME SEMINAR at 1pm!! Prof. Michel Louge (College of Engineering, Cornell University)
Heat transfer enhancement in dense suspensions of agitated solids ( Abstract )

Oct 1st: Dr. Ian Griffiths (Mathematical Institute, Oxford University)
Magnets and Zebra Pipes: effective ways of purifying water? ( Abstract )

Oct 8th: Civil Engineering group 1st year PhD student seminars.

Oct 8th: Dr Ryan Enright (Bell Labs, Ireland)
Heat and mass transfer behaviour of condensed water on nanostructured surfaces ( Abstract )

Oct 29th: Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College)
Dispersion in steady and unsteady turbulent jets ( Abstract )

Nov 5th: Dr. Andrew Wells (Department of Physics, Oxford University)
From sea ice to turbine blades: mushy convection and phase change ( Abstract )

Nov 10th: (Monday 10th November at 1pm, room A401) Professor Isaac Klapper (Department of Mathematics, Temple University, Philadelphia)
Biofilm-Induced Mineralization in Pore Flow ( Abstract )

Nov 12th: Prof. Kwing-So Choi (Faculty of Engineering, Nottingham University)
Plasma Virtual Actuators for Flow Control ( Abstract )

Nov 19th: Prof. GertJan van Heijst (Department of Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology)
The behaviour of vortex structures near solid obstacles ( Abstract )

Dec 3rd: Dr. Ricardo Garcia-Mayoral (Department of Engineering, Cambridge)
Turbulent drag reduction by surface manipulations ( Abstract )