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Simple physical models of radiative transfer in particle clouds and dispersed materials

A theoretical basis of calculations of interaction of electromagnetic waves with single particles and dispersed materials as applied to various problems of engineering is considered. Some recommendations based on simple physical models are given.

Spectral properties of single particles are considered including distribution of absorbed radiation power in the particles. A differential model for radiative transfer in large semi-transparent particles is presented. Some examples of practical application of this approach are discussed.

Transport approximation and simple differential models for radiative transfer in particle clouds and dispersed materials are presented. It is illustrated that these methods are sufficiently accurate in solving many important problems. Some examples are considered to demonstrate a wide use of the developed approximate approach in engineering calculations.


Leonid Dombrovsky is a chief researcher of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures (Moscow, Russia). His research interests are focused on theoretical modeling of radiative and combined heat transfer in disperse systems including analysis of wide-range spectral properties of particles and fibers and diverse applications to power engineering and biomedicine. He has published about 200 research papers, mainly in refereed journals. His monograph “Thermal radiation in disperse systems: An engineering approach” (Begell House, New York, 2010) is well known for researches working in this field.