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Fluid mechanics in phase change and liquid impact on nanoengineered surfaces

Manish K Tiwari

Nanoengineered Systems Laboratory, UCL Mechanical Engineering, London, WC1E 7JE, UK

Drop-solid interactions play an important role in nature and in a large number of technological applications. In this presentation, I will aim at illustrating the role of solid surface morphology and wettability in these interactions. To start with, I will discuss how surface nanotexture plays an important role in helping to alter and engineer surface wettability to extremes and to achieve superhydrophobic surfaces. Next, I will share some insights into potential applications of such surfaces in altering and manipulating phase change of water, with a specific example of freezing of water droplets on surfaces in so called supercooled conditions. Next, I will share some insights into how to design the superhydrophobic surfaces to sustain impalement by impacting liquid droplets both at room temperature and under supercooled conditions. Finally, I will show some results on new designs of superhydrophobic surfaces which also exploit material flexibility to enhance the liquid impalement resistance. Recent results on impact of high-Weber number (>10,000), turbulent jets will be used to discuss the potential use of such surfaces as coatings in applications ranging from aerospace industry to infrastructure components.

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