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University of Edinburgh

The School of Engineering of the University of Edinburgh (UE) is one of the largest in the University, comprising over 150 staff and over 350 postgraduate, 140 MSc and 1,400 undergraduate students.

The Silos and Granular Solids Research Group has a track record of internationally leading research in the fundamental science of particulate mechanics and granular flow, coupled with strong industrial collaboration in application-specific research to develop innovative engineering designs and solutions. The Group’s research in granular media focuses on theoretical development, experimental investigation and extensive computer simulations.

Within the framework of the IRSES project, UE carried out exchanges with Tongji University (Shanghai, China) and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China).

• Research activities/achievements in the project

- A new shallow water-sediment flow model for debris flow simulations
- Energy dissipation in simulated granular soils


Numerical sample containing 101,623 polydisperse spherical particles

• Relevant Publications

Józsa J, Kiely G and Borthwick AGL (2014). Sediment Flux and Its Environmental Implications. Journal of Environmental Informatics, 24(2) 111-120.