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A Modified Dichromatic Reflection Model for an Analysis of Interreflection

Tjahjadi T, Litwin D, Yang Y-H

Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP'95), 1995, 272-275


Interreflection changes image intensities in a consistent, non-random way, and if unaccounted for can easily confuse computer vision algorithms. This paper proposes an image model which enables regions of interreflection on objects of inhomogeneous dielectric materials to be identified. The model is based on the dichromatic reflection model and utilises the concept of the one-bounce model of mutual reflection between two object surfaces. One surface is viewed as a source of low-intensity illumination and the second as a function of the light emitted from the first. The proposed model indicates the presence of an additional matte cluster which corresponds to the region of interreflection.