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Combining the Heuristics of Several Experts in an Expert System

Partridge T & Tjahjadi T

Proc. IASTED Int. Conf. A.I. Applications and Neural Networks, 1991, 22-25.


The analysis of X-ray rocking curves has been used as a means of investigating the degree of perfection of a wide variety of semiconductor crystals. In this paper, a method is presented for combining the heuristics of several experts in an expert system for X-ray rocking curve analysis. Rules and procedures are used to fill a set of frames that describe the rocking cruve to be analysed. A set of matrix operations are applied to combine the heuristics of several experts into a single matrix. Adaptive inference using the combined matrix is performed on the set of frames to determine the structural parameters of the semiconductor crystal. The structural parameters are then used to simulate a corresponding rocking curve for comparison with the experimental curve.