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Landmine Field Detection using Joint Temporal and Spatial-Scale Detectors

Tjahjadi T, Gu IYH, Popham TJ

Proceedings of EUDEM2-SCOT 2003 International Conference on Requirements and Technologies for the Detection, Removal and Neutralization of Landmines and UXO, September 2003, Vol. 1, 410-417.


This paper describes a novel method for joint temporal and spatial-scale domain detection of landmine candidates from vehicle- and air-borne measured infrared (IR) images. The detector is formed by firstly applying a special type of isotropic bandpass filters in the spatial-scale domain, where the number of scale levels is automatically determined by using the estimated local SNRs. This is aimed at achieving good detectability and localization. Temporal correlation is then applied to the detected candidates within a certain time duration so that each estimated landmine candidate can be associated with a certain confidence level. This is used to further enhance the performance of the detector by reducing the false alarm rate. Results from the experiments using the joint temporal and spatial-scale domain detector have shown a further improvement of performance over those by purely using the spatial-scale domain detectors.