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An Expert System for X-Ray Rocking Curve Analysis

Tjahjadi T & Bowen DK

Proc. Int. Conf. on Expert Systems in Engineering Applications, 1989, 269-275


The measurement and analysis of double crystal X-ray rocking curves have been used as a means for investigating the perfection of a wide variety of (natural) crystals. X-ray rocking curves of complex structures are normally analysed by simulating the rocking curves from a model of the structure. However the simulation of model structures to obtain a good match between theoretical and experimental curves is still a difficult task, relying on skill and experience rather than principles. This paper reports the development of a rule-based expert system which will assist the user in the simulation of model structures and hence the interpretation of X-ray rocking curves. The expert system is implemented in Lisp on a SUN-3 workstation.