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3D Object Reconstruction From Multiple Views in Approximate Circular Motion

D. Shin, T. Tjahjadi

Proceedings of IEEE SMC UK-RI Chapter Conference on Applied Cybernetics, September 2005, 70-75.


This paper presents a 3-dimensional (3D) object reconstruction system which uses multiple images taken with a fixed camera of an object moving in an approximate circular motion. The circular motion is generally defined to be a pure rotation case of planar motion when modelling a turntable image sequence or equivalently an image sequence of a fixed object generated with a rotating camera. However in practical situations the assumption of pure rotation is often violated as the rotation axis is not fixed during the rotation of a turntable. To address this problem, this paper proposes a modified method for estimating the projection matrix associated with circular motion and an object reconstruction method based on the octree algorithm. Experimental results on several real turntable image sequences demonstrate good object reconstructions.