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An Expert System for X-Ray Topographic Image Interpretation on a Neural Architecture

Tjahjadi T, Hines EL, Bowen DK & Pye SN

Proc. 8th Int. Symp. Applied Informatics, 1990, 178-181


X-ray topography is a technique of mapping the X-ray diffracting power of material across its surface and is a powerful characterization tool for advanced electronic materials. The technique is suitable for the characterization of materials during the early stages of development of novel material and finds its greatest application in the study of electronic device crystals.

This paper reports the development of an expert system for X-ray topographic image interpretation which provides an accessible entry-point to topographic image interpretation. Two approaches were used. One approach uses the conventional rule-based expert system approach and the second uses a neural network approach. The two approaches to the development of the expert system are compared.