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Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab

Introduction to the AIM Lab

Welcome to the website of the Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab, or AIM Lab (formerly the Ultrasonics Lab), led by Professor David Hutchins, who was recently awarded an iIET Achievement medal for his work in Ultrasound. This multi-disciplinary research group is active in many areas of research. Examples include the design and characterisation of novel ultrasonic transducer systems for both NDE and high-power medical applications, NIR measurements for security and food testing, other imaging technologies, and numerous other practical applications of our technology. Please use the menu above to see examples of our various technologies. The group has collaborations with a number of institutions both within the UK and internationally.

The group forms part of The Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics, which consists of a team of over 20 researchers in the School of Engineering and the Department of Physics, led by four highly experienced academics who have run a number of very successful, large scale research projects and technology transfer programmes. We were set up to help industrial organisations get access to specialised research expertise and equipment.

Other recent collaborations include:

The UK Research Centre for NDE (RCNDE), a consortium of six UK Universities and 15 industrial members from around the world. This involves both Core Research, and Targetted Research Programmes such as capacitive imaging (see link on left) which is performed with input from industrial partners. The core research for the RCNDE at the University of Warwick is a collaboration between the AIM Lab within the School of Engineering and the Department of Physics (Dr Steve Dixon and Dr Rachel Edwards - click on link on the right).

Members of the AIM Lab are founders of a University of Warwick spin-off company, Warwick Audio Technologies. This company is investigating new stuctures for the design of ultra-thin and flexible loudspeakers.

We have also taken part in designs for a future ESA mission to Mars. Our input, following work with Cornell University and the University of Oxford, was to design sensor systems for wind measurement on the Martian surface.

For additional information or enquiries about our research, please contact d dot hutchins at warwick dot ac dot uk


Group night out

An evening out for some of the lab members.

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