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We are interested in the way in which we can use new and innovative technology in combination with innovative and advanced materials to create the components, devices and sensors of the future.

The Lab specialises in fabricating precision micro-devices and structures for use in applications such as microfluidics, sensor & device technology and microelectronics. The versatility of the MSL process for instance, means that devices and parts that are almost impossible to fabricate with more traditional techniques, are easily and rapidly achievable. Such manufacturing technologies are a world away from the traditional image of manufacturing and represent the ultimate freedom to manufacture components of a complexity that has never been seen before.

Within the School of Engineering we are affiliated to the Advanced Imaging and Measurement Laboratory and the Microsensors and Bioelectronics Laboratory.

Our research interests span many key areas:

  • 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing


  • Mechanical and Automated System Design


A 3D printer modified to print 'soft-materials'.

  • Functional and Advanced Materials


(top) A conductive AM material, (bottom) a flow sensor 'printed' using a magnetic composite.

  • Biomimetics


A 'printed' butterfly.


Biomimetic grippers inspired by sea-urchins.

  • Tissue Engineering