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Useful Files and Information

This page is for cataloguing our useful information and files for future use.

Useful Files

(PDF Document)Order Form

(PDF Document)Stylus 440 Service Manual

(PDF Document)Stylus C82 Service Manual

(PDF Document)Stylus Colour 600

(PDF Document)Epson print head drive control patent

(PDF Document)2SA2169 & 2SC6017 Datasheet

Poster: (PDF Document) PDF publisher file PUB

TEMP links:

Circuit pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

Business Report - Note: i'm working on sections 2, 3 and 5 atm got some stuff for this but not all included in this file at the info is scattered everywhere in my copy, just sorting, etc. Can someone help me sort out section 4 (group dynamics) thanks, Hiren.

Useful Links

Last year's code can be found here.

Epson service manuals here.

Epson head drive patent here.

For connection to SEM images please click here 

SEM Images: \\\labdata\
Mini: \\
Desktop: \\
Network disk: \\

Risk Assesments and COSHH Forms

RA for Ink

RA for Helium + Helium Safety Data Sheet