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Micro-Stereolithography and Additive Manufacturing Suite: Documents

Project Challenges Overview

1. Printer head / Light System

  • Cartridge Loading (mech)

    Requirements for different cartridges?
    Ink refilling system?

    If we are using the epson ones we won't have these problems, the CISS (Continuous Ink Suppy System) will mean we don't need to change for a very very long time and re-filling can be very easily done - Hiren.

  • Resin Printing (elec/mech)

    HP Head - 'mesh' is currently in the way
    New print head type being delivered

  • Dilution of resin (?)

    Try and recreate viscosity of ink?
    Use Chem department
    Effect of solvent on curing?

  • Curing Resin / Lighting Arrangement (elec/mech)

    Use pre-existing LED array or new array.
    Need more than one array? Power needed? Intensity needed? Focus needed?
    Lens/mirror system for focusing beam.

  • Design of Holding Structure for Light/Head ensemble (elec/mech)

    Held together OR separately
    Include 'carriage' from printer for easy cartridge replacement

2. XYZ Stage / Model Mount & Demount Process

  • Design of system (elec/mech)

    Fixed head OR fixed stage
    Movement/angle artifacts involved? Spray angle?

  • Design of base (mech)

    Flat surface (polished?/coated?), 'sticks' to resin to keep model steady,
    Clamped down in someway - needs design ideas

  • Print Head -> Model Distance (elec/mech)

    Needs to be consistent/repeatable
    Spray cone of printer?

3. Computer System / Integration

  • Signal Processing (elec)

    Finding out how to signal the printer head to 'squirt' ink.
    Possible option to use a simple input jumper signal.
    Possible option to write a controller.

  • Program Alteration (elec)

    Checking that the original program will suit our needs.
    Check how our process is different from the original.
    Need for two outputs (both light AND signal to printer) within code