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Dr Sherzad Al-Khalifa

Dr Sherzad Al-Khalifa  

Sherzad Al-Khalifa

Senior Research Fellow, Safety Officer

BSc(Baghdad), CAS(Brunel), MSc(Aston), PhD( Warwick), NEBOSH(CC Coventry) 

Engineering Bldg. F324
tel.gif +44 (0)24 765 28242
fax.gif +44 (0)24 764 18922


Selected publications

S. Al-Khalifa, J. W. Gardner, J. F. Craine, Characterisation of a Thermal Wave Microsensor for the Intelligent Analysis of the Atmospheric Gases, Sensors and their Applications VIII, IOP 1997

S. Al-Khalifa, J. W. Gardner, S. Maldonado-Bascon, Rapid multicomponent analysis using a thermally modulated resistive gas microsensor and a discrete wavelet transform, IOP 2001

Eduard Llobet, Radu Ionescu, Sherzad Al-Khalifa, Jesue Brezmes, Xavier Vilanova, Xavier Correig, Nicolae Barsan, Julian W. Gardner, Multicomponent Gas Mixture Analysis Using a Single Tin Oxide Sensor and Dynamic Pattern Recognition, IEEE Sensor Journal, v.1. No. 3, October 2001

E.Lllobet,J.Brezmes, R. Ionescu, X. Vilanova, S. Al-Khalifa, J.W. Gardner, N. Barsan and X. Correig, Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy ARTMAP based Pattern Recognition for the Fast Gas Identification Using a Micro-Hotplate Gas sensor, Sensors and Actuators B, 2002

R. Ionescu, E.Eduard, S. Al-Khalifa, J. W. Gardner, J. Brezmes, X. Correig Response Model for Thermally-Modulated Tin Oxide Based Microhotplate Gas Sensors Eurosensors, Prague September, 2002

S. Al-Khalifa, S. Maldonado-Bascon, J. W. Gardner, Identification of CO and NO2 using a thermally resistive microsensor and support vector machine,IEE Pro.-Sci. Technol. Journal, Vol. 150, No 1, January 2003

S. Maldanado-Bascon, S.Al-Khalifa, Lopez Ferreras, Feature reduction using support vector machine for binary gas detection, International Work Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, IWANN, Journal Computer Science Vol 2687, 00 798-805, 2003