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Edinburgh Designs Wave Tank

20m L x 0.7m H x 0.6m W + smooth 1:20 Glass beach

Armfield Tilting Flume 

15m L x 0.3m H x 0.3m W

Wide Flume

20m L x 0.5m H x 0.99m W

Deep Wave Flume

20m L x 2m H x 0.345m W

Manhole Rig

50mm pipe with variable speed pump

Temperature Controlled Circulating Microcosm Flumes (x12)

2m L x 0.2m H x 0.1m W

Hydrodynamic Measurement

Dantec Laser Doppler Anemometry system

Dantec Particle Image Velocimetry system

Nortek (Vectorino) high-resolution acoustic velocimeter

Dantec Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler

Valeport model 801(flat) EM flow meter

Fluorometric Measurement

Rhodamine Turner Designs Cyclops. (x12)

Fluorescein Turner Design Cyclops. (x2)

Hand held Turner Designs fluorimeters. (x3)

Turner Designs display logger for Cyclops.

Watson Marlow 505Di programable peristaltic pump.

Baylis Designs cell phone operated automated injection/logging systems.

Baylis & White Designs Syringe Driver.