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The Sound of Success

The Sound of Success

Bringing cutting-edge acoustics technology to market

How do you get the purest, clearest sound possible? The team at Warwick Acoustics, a company originally spun-out from the School of Engineering by Dr. Billson and Professor Hutchins in 2002, have answered this by building the ultimate high-end headphones using research from the University of Warwick. The expertise and experience originally developed in the School of Engineering’s ultrasonics laboratory has inspired a ground-up approach to electrostatic loudspeaker design. Warwick Acoustics is engineering an audio solution that will revolutionise the way we will experience audio on multiple platforms in the future.

The challenge

There is a large demand for ultra-high fidelity audio equipment. However, competition is fierce, with established manufacturers prevalent in this sector. Warwick Acoustics had to combine ground-breaking transducer design with no-compromise electronics to present a unique offer that was the only way to win market share from far larger, longer established companies. Warwick Acoustics currently markets five headphones: the Sonoma M1, the APERIO Silver, the APERIO Limited Edition 24kt Gold, the APERIO Limited Edition Black and recently, the BRAVURA.

Automotive - the next challenge

Warwick Acoustics audio solutions offer many unique advantages which fit perfectly into the requirements of electric vehicles; it is a transformative technology which the company expects will transform the audio capabilities of the next generation of cars. As well as giving outstanding sound reproduction, Warwick Acoustics’ loudspeakers (thin-film ElectroAcoustic Panels) save up to 75% of both the weight and the power consumption of comparable conventional transducers, delivering significantly increased range and improved vehicle performance. Furthermore, unlike traditional moving coil or surface actuating transducers, ElectroAcoustic Panels contain no rare earth metals, emit low volatile organic compounds in production, and are manufactured with easily recyclable components.

Our impact

Despite being a newcomer in the headphone market, Warwick Acoustics has already made a name for itself. Its outstanding products have disrupted the market and earned several major awards, (over 35 global awards in fact). Audio mixers and music producers have appreciated the quality of the product and its revolutionary design. The success of the company’s acoustic engineering has allowed it to branch into the lucrative in-car audio market. Worth $8 billion every year, it will provide space for growth and further research. Thanks to Dr. Billson and the team at Warwick Acoustics, more people than ever are hearing about these disruptive scientific advances being made. Watch this space!

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