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Management and Core Team

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Management Team

James Kermode

Prof. James Kermode

Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling,
School of Engineering

J dot R dot Kermode at warwick dot ac dot uk

James develops and applies multiscale materials modelling algorithms. Techniques include density functional theory and molecular dynamics, often using machine-learning interatomic potentials. Target applications include chemomechanical materials failure processes where stress and chemistry are tightly coupled, such as propagating cracks or dislocation cores, where local bond-breaking chemistry is driven by long-range stress fields.

Julie Staunton

Prof. Julie Staunton

Department of PhysicsLink opens in a new window

J dot B dot Staunton at warwick dot ac dot uk

Julie’s research is in computational magnetic materials modelling for the sub-nanoscale. Techniques are based on Density Functional Theory combined with Disordered Local Moment theory which produces input for longer length scale atomistic models. Current projects include those on permanent magnets, spintronics, complex magnetic ordering, multicomponent alloys, solid state cooling.

Core Staff