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Poster Session

Join us for the live Poster Shout Out on 9 July at 11:15am

PDF Andrew Angus Shock velocity in ICF ablation material
PDF   Katarina Blow A Game of Order Parameters - Crystal Nucleation

Matthew Harrison

Quantifying statistics of heterogeneous porous media attributes across scales


Idil Ismail

Connect the dots: In Silico prediction of heterogeneous reaction mechanisms


Jingbang Liu

Thermal fluctuations and dynamic wetting

PDF   Carlo Maino Excited state machine learning for chromophores in complex environments

Aravinthen Rajkumar

Data-driven network models for the coupled nonlinear response of soft electroactive nanomaterials


Chris Woodgate

Physics of magnets and the arrangements of atoms comprising them

External posters
PDF Avadhut Sardeshmukh
TCS Research

Towards better microstructure representations using deep learning

PDF Jack Thomas, Mathematics (Warwick)

Locality of Interatomic interactions in tight binding models for insulators