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Tom Rocke's HetSys Coding Challenge

I've decided to try and launch the HetSys Coding Challenge, which will (as the name suggests) be a series of coding problems released near the start of each term. These challenges are intended to pose an interesting problem that is fairly different from our normal day-to-day research.

Though all of the challenges can be completed at your own pace, some will also have a competitive element. Competitive challenges will have a deadline for code submissions at the end of the term the challenge is released, and the submissions will then be benchmarked, and winners announced. Despite these competitive elements, collaboration is strongly encouraged in all challenges.

The first challenge, which is not competitive, can be found here:

To gain access to the repository, I'll need to add you to the HetsysCodeChallenge Team on the HetSys GitHub organisation - email me ( or send me a message on Slack, and I can send you an invite.

I hope you enjoy the challenge!

Tom Rocke (HetSys Cohort 3)

Thu 25 Jan 2024, 15:24 | Tags: STEM