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Congratulations Cohort 3

HetSys provides a supportive and exciting environment for our students to carry out their research. Our interdisciplinary student community is made up of several cohorts, all at different stages of their PhD projects.

Cohort-based doctoral training is very different to a standard PhD: All our students take part in cohort-wide training modules as part of a structured Post-Graduate Diploma which not only helps them acquire academic knowledge but builds a supportive environment with plenty of opportunities for collaboration, especially through the PX915 Group Project module.

Congratulations therefore to HetSys Cohort 3 members who gained distinctions in their Post-Graduate Diploma and were awarded their certificates by Julie Staunton and James Kermode at an informal lunch last week.

Thu 25 Jan 2024, 15:31 | Tags: STEM, Women in STEM

Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat: Tips for Early-Career Researchers in Computational Science

With the increasing influx of students from diverse backgrounds joining the ever-popular field, this short guide aims to help students navigate through the various computational techniques that they are likely to encounter during their studies. This fantastic initiative of HetSys CDT, Maths and Diamond CDT UoW students is now online ( and published in the European Physical Journal Plus- well done to Idil Ismail, Shayantan Chaudhuri, Dylan Morgan, Christopher D. Woodgate, Ziad Fakhoury, James M. Targett, Charlie Pilgrim and Carlo Maino. Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat: Tips for Early-Career Researchers in Computational Science.


Mon 23 Oct 2023, 09:57 | Tags: STEM

Meet physicist Connor, a PhD student at the University of Warwick, who was first introduced to computational physics at AWE

Connor Allen (one of our HetSys students from Cohort 2) shares his views on Computational Physics, his involvement with AWE and the importance of encouraging young people into STEM. Read the full article here.


Wed 18 Oct 2023, 15:14 | Tags: STEM, Careers

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