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HetSys prescence at M3S conference

The M3S conference, which focused on multiscale modelling of materials and surfaces, took place at the picturesque Langdale Hotel in the Lake District. The event was attended by the research groups of James Kermode (University of Warwick), Reinhard Maurer (University of Warwick) and Andrew Logsdail (University of Cardiff). HetSys student attendees Lakshmi Shenoy, Iain Best and Joe Gilkes (Cohort 2), Matt Nutter, Tom Rocke and Dylan Morgan (Cohort 3) and Fraser Birks (Cohort 4) were joined by other members of the three research groups plus invited speakers Cas van der Oord (Cambridge), Michaela Matta (KCL) and Lucas Foppa (NOMAD laboratory).

Aside from the excellent scientific presentations, attendees also had the opportunity to network and socialize with colleagues in the field, while enjoying the stunning scenery. The conference provided an ideal setting for researchers to exchange ideas and discuss the latest advancements in the field – with a focus on how developments in machine learning interatomic potentials can accelerate modelling of surfaces.

Awards were given for the best talk, which was presented to Fraser Birks (Kermode group) for his presentation on methods to model fracture mechanics, and conference ‘MVP’ (most valuable person) which was presented to Lakshmi Shenoy (Kermode group) for co-organising the conference and keeping everything running smoothly. The other organisers were Shay Chaudhuri (Maurer group), Kush Argrawal (Logsdail group) and Lara Kabalan (Logsdail group).

Overall, the M3S conference was a resounding success, providing an excellent platform for researchers in the field to share their knowledge and expertise. We look forward to the next edition of this conference and the opportunity to learn more about the exciting developments in this field.