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Andrew Angus

PhD Title: Coupling fluid and kinetic codes for laser-driven inertial fusion energy simulations

PhD Supervisor: Tony Arber

About me: Prior to arriving at the University of Warwick, I undertook an integrated master's (MEng) in chemical engineering with energy engineering at Heriot-Watt University, graduating with first class honours. I finished my undergraduate winning The Watt Club Medal for obtaining the highest academic average in my year, and the Gordon Butters Memorial Prize for excellence in research in the field of particle technology. My master's research project was conducted under the supervision of Dr Ali Ozel and concerned development of constitutive relations for simulation of gas-solid flows with tribocharging at industrial scale, with a particular focus on fluidised bed reactors. I am now enjoying the new challenge of the HetSys CDT and looking forward to contributing to the exciting field of nuclear fusion research.

Publications: Angus, A., Yahia, L.A.A., Maione, R., Khala, M., Hare, C., Ozel, A. and Ocone, R., 2020. Calibrating friction coefficients in discrete element method simulations with shear-cell experiments. Powder Technology.

Andrew Angus