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Matthew Harrison

PhD Title: Uncertainty Assessment of Solute Mixing in Heterogenous Porous Media

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nezhad, Dr. Thomas Hudson.

External Partners: Prof. Alberto Guadagnini (POLIMI), Prof. Monica Riva (POLIMI).


In summer 2019 I was awarded a 1st class Beng degree in Civil engineering from the University of Warwick. Despite initial motivations to work in industry, my passion for learning and research led to my application for a PGdip and PhD at EPSRC Hetsys. In the future I hope to continue conducting research, whether that be in academia or industry.

From September 2019, I started my postgraduate diploma in 'Modelling of Heterogenous Systems', alongside which I began research in the field of Geostatistics for my PhD.

Research Interests

My research centres on sustainable applications of fluid flow in the subsurface. This may include but is not limited to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), geothermal energy and subsurface pollution remediation.

My specific interests can be split into 3 categories:
- Advancement of finite element methods in modelling subsurface flow and transport.
- Geostatistical modelling of hydro-geological properties.
- Uncertainty quantification techniques within geostatistics for limited data scenarios, incl. Machine Learning.


Alongside research, I am a GCSE Physics and Maths tutor for The Brilliant Club which aims to help disadvantaged students obtain places at highly selective universities. This is particularly relevant as part of the UK national catch-up programme post Covid-19.


- InterPore 2021. Poster and presentation - ''Estimation of auto-covariance of log hydraulic conductivity from Generalized sub-Gaussian porosity and particle size random fields."

Matthew Harrison

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