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Jingbang Liu

PhD Title: Fluctuating Hydrodynamics for Liquid Spreading over Heterogeneous Surfaces

PhD Supervisor: James Sprittles

About Me:

As an undergraduate, I studied Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Shandong University, China and BSc Mathematics at the University of Manchester. My final year project was the thermoelastic properties of fibre reinforced composites under supervision of Dr Gareth Wyn JonesLink opens in a new window. I then took MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing at University of Oxford. My dissertation was supervised by Prof. Irene MorozLink opens in a new window and Dr Hannah ChristensenLink opens in a new window. We studied the dynamical properties of El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) using the Vallis 1986 model and explored the possible impacts of Greenhouse Warming on ENSO.

I am now a fourth year PhD student here at HetsysLink opens in a new window, under supervision of Prof James SprittlesLink opens in a new window and Prof Duncan LockerbyLink opens in a new window. Together we are interested in the modelling of nanoscale fluid, particularly thin liquid films on a flat solid substrate.

[1] Zhao, Chengxi, Jingbang Liu, Duncan A. Lockerby, and James E. Sprittles. ‘Fluctuation-Driven Dynamics in Nanoscale Thin-Film Flows: Physical Insights from Numerical Investigations’. Physical Review Fluids 7, no. 2 (25 February 2022): 024203. opens in a new window.
[2] Liu, Jingbang, Chengxi Zhao, Duncan A. Lockerby, and James E. Sprittles. ‘Thermal Capillary Waves on Bounded Nanoscale Thin Films’. Physical Review E 107, no. 1 (23 January 2023): 015105. opens in a new window.

Jingbang Liu

jingbang dot liu at warwick dot ac dot uk