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Anas Siddiqui

PhD Title: 2D Material Heterostructures and novel Twistronic Devices

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Nick Hine


Before coming to Warwick for my Ph.D. studies, I completed a B.Tech in Material Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and an MSc in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College London. During my time at Imperial, I was involved in computational research under Prof. Arash Mostofi as part of my Master's project. The project dealt with making the prediction of the color of organic dyes using theory and simulation computationally less expensive while maintaining accuracy.

Year Award Institution Result
2021-Present PhD Physics University of Warwick Pending
2021-2022 PGDip Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems University of Warwick Distinction
2018-2019 MSc Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Imperial College London Distinction
2014-2018 BTech Materials Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur First Class

This project explores the exciting and novel physics of multilayer structures built from 2D materials. 2DMs can undergo dramatic changes in their fundamental physical properties when they are combined into heterostructures, particularly if their lattices are misaligned: an example is how graphene becomes superconducting when the alignment of two layers is “twisted” by specific angles of a few degrees.

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