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Claiming Expenses


Concur is the university's expenses system and is the only way employees can make expense claims:

The University is moving all PhD Students over to Concur however, PhD students will not be set up on Concur for their first claim. For your first claim you should complete an expenses claim form FP16a PhD following the guidelines below and once it has been processed you will be automatically set up on Concur by the Expenses Team and you should then use Concur to submit all future claims. (Please also use this form if you need to change your bank details).

To access Concur, type "Concur" into the search box in the top-right-hand corner of this page, and click on the drop-down link.

Your Concur account should be setup with your individual RTSG code, you should check this by using the allocate button before submitting your claim.

Please see the guidance on how to use Concur: Concur Guidance

Concur FAQs on the Expenses web page

Paper Expense Claims

Up to date forms can be downloaded from here

Please fill in the claim following the guidance below and either email a PDF copy to with scanned receipts attached or leave a hard copy with receipts attached with the Student Team in room P5.22 in an envelope marked for Helen Knight's attention.

When there is no issue with your expense claim it usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive reimbursement. If you have not been reimbursed (or queried) within a month of submitting your claim, please inform the admin team via and they will make enquiries.

For more comprehensive guidance please see the payroll website or follow this link;

Expenses Checklist

Front Page

1. Name:

2. Department: Physics

3. Job Title: You are an employee if you are an academic, postdoc, administrator, technician, postgraduate or an undergraduate. Only circle ‘No’ if you are from outside the University. If you are not an employee you must indicate whether or not you are charging a fee (a fee is different from a travel expense claim). Outside speakers are NOT paid a fee. External lecturers are paid a fee and so their expenses are taxable.

4. Email: Add your email address

5. Vendor Number- This can be found on your remittance/payment receipt from previous expense claims. It is referred to as Account number and starts with 300XXXXX. If this is your first claim, please write 'new' in the vendor box and fill in the bank details (even if these are the same bank details as your salary).

6. Address: Please fill this in if you would like the remittance advice sent to your home or work address rather than via email.

7. Bank details: Please note if you are from outside of the UK and are submitting a 'foreign bank account' form, please leave this section blank and write 'please see attached foreign bank account form'. We can also pay in both Dollars and Euros, so please mention the currency you would prefer to be paid in, if relevant.

8. Sign and date the form: Please remember to sign and date the form as we cannot pay unless both sections have been completed.

9. Cost code: Give a cost code in the bottom box, e.g. 09PXRE12 or a full project code A.PXHT.1234.TRA. Please include the .TRA part because some projects will have different budgets e.g .OTA. If there is more than one code please explain the split. If you do not know your travel code you should be able to find it here. Alternatively, please email for further advice.

10. GL code: this can be left blank

11. Amount: Please fill in all amount boxes with the total amount, apart from the mileage box which is the total for mileage costs only

12. Description: Please put a brief description of your trip, e.g. for a conference in Colorado, USA you would include the conference name, location and date as follows: Theory Conference, Colorado USA, Jan 2022.

Second Page

13. Provide a reason for your travel: If you are attending a conference if possible provide certificate of attendance.

14. Line by line: each receipt should be listed on a separate line and the receipt should be numbered in numerical order (i.e. first receipt is 1, second receipt is 2 and so on) and the accompanying number written in the receipt reference column to match the correct receipt.

Please add up the columns and write the total amount at the bottom of each column

If receipts are in foreign currency put the amount and currency in the end column and reference each receipt.

If evidence of exchange rate is supplied, i.e bank statement, bureau de change receipt or post office receipt the exchange rate will be according to that receipt. If no evidence of exchange rate is supplied, USD and EUR exchange rates are taken from university website and any other currency is taken from OANDA

Common issues;

Please use one expense claim form per trip.

Receipts- All receipts must be itemised, credit card stubs without itemised receipts will not be accepted. The receipts should be numbered and referenced on the second page of the expense claim.

Sharing Receipts- If you are claiming only a part of a receipt please highlight the amounts you are claiming and write the total amount on the receipt. If you have paid for more than yourself on a receipt state who else has been paid for and who attended the meal. If you have a photocopy of the receipt state who has the original.

Mileage- Mileage is claimed at 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles driven in one year. 25p per mile for any miles over 10,000. When claiming mileage provide the postcodes of both destinations.

Car Rental- Preferably use Enterprise to book car hire through the purchasing system. Car rental and petrol costs can be claimed, however mileage cannot be claimed on a rental vehicle.

Meal Allowances UK- Meal allowances are updated routinely for up to date allowances please follow this link;

Flights- See here for guidance on how to book travel. Flights should not be claimed back on expenses claims.

Eating off campus (near campus)- If claiming for a meal off campus please list the attendees and name the affiliation of the attendees who are not employed by Warwick. For entertainment purposes the meal must adhere to the following rules;

  • Must not exceed £250
  • The cost per head must not exceed £50 including drinks, VAT and gratuity
  • The ratio of staff to visitors is more than 4:1

If the meal is expected to exceed these limits, permission must be granted prior to the meal taking place from Fin Regs and this email permission should be printed and attached to your claim. Fin Regs approvals must go through Katherine Branch or Sarah Parkin, in Physics not direct to Fin Regs.

Authorised signatures- please leave this blank when handing in your expense claim, this will be authorised by the admin team. Payroll have a list of names they will accept for authorised signatures and this is not likely to have been set up for supervisors.

Travelling with someone not employed by the university- If you travel with a family member or anyone not employed by the university the cost of flights and accommodation must be halved. Also any additional costs for taking them must not be claimed e.g. if flying with a partner and you pay for seats together, this cannot be reimbursed.

Foreign Bank Accounts- For visitors wishing to be reimbursed into a foreign bank account please attach the form found be following this link . For Indian bank accounts please use the same link and fill in the Indian bank account form.

Property Declaration- If an object is purchased and refund claimed through an expense claim please submit a property declaration form(Word Document)