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Carrot Diversity programme

Current and Future work using the VeGIN Carrot Diversity Set

  • Seed production for the Carrot Diversity Set has been completed, including S2 lines where possible
  • We have analysed structure and diversity within the CDS using 2770 DArT markers. These markers help us to quantify the genetic variation within and between accessions.
  • We are developing further geneotyping activities such as Genotyping By Sequencing
  • The VeGIN carrot diversity set can be used to screen for a number of important physiological traits.

pot1 pot2 pot3 pot4

The primary aim of VeGIN is resource development. Now that the carrot diversity set has been established, we aim to use the accessions to address the needs of the carrot breeders and growers and to expand the current research being undertaken. To meet the changing needs of the carrot community we need to assess what traits or problems are the priorities for research. Suggested traits include:

  • Pest and disease resistance; for example, cavity spot and carrot root fly.
  • Tolerance to environmental stress.
  • Premature bolting.
  • Improved nutritional quality.
  • Others - breeder/ grower led.