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Carrot diversity set

VeGIN Carrot diversity set

The VeGIN Carrot Diversity set captures the genetic and morphological variation present in the core collection, these include:

  • Root shape and colour
  • Geographic origin
  • Foliage characteristics

The VeGIN Carrot Diversity Set has been developed to overlap with other diversity collections, allowing data to be shared and comparisons made between projects. The Carrot Diversity Set currently has space available for elite breeding material to facilitate the replicated collection of trait data across different environments.

Composition of the VeGIN Carrot Diversity Set

Composition of the Carrot Diversity Set
  • Material from 35 countries
  • 77 accessions from WGRU
  • 77 lines
  • 10 experimental lines (parents of mapping populations)
  • Space for 7 - 9 elite cultivars

Seed production

Seed production was carried out during 2010 at Wellesbourne - each accession has been propogated as up to 10 half-sib families