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Summary of project outputs (some items are work in progress)

Vegetable Brassicas:

  • Genetically fixed diversity sets of domesticated Brassica oleracea and wild C genome Brassica species
  • Whole genome re-sequence data of 3 mapping population parents with 40-fold genome coverage
  • Transcriptome sequence of hydroponically-grown true leaf 7 from 48 B. oleracea and >70 wild C genome Brassica species diversity set founder accessions
  • Publicly available mapped C genome Brassica single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Genetic analysis of nitrogen content variation in B. oleracea
  • Sources of resistance to Turnip Mosaic and Turnip Yellows Viruses
  • Sources of resistance to Diamond Back Moth


  • Publicly available F8 RIL mapping population (Saladin x Iceberg) and associated linkage map
  • A lettuce (cv Saladin) TILLING population of 3260 M3 lines
  • A 96 accession lettuce diversity set
  • Whole genome re-sequence data for Saladin and Iceberg for SNP discovery
  • Putative sources of resistance to the aphid Nasonovia ribis-nigri
  • Genetic analysis of nitrate accumulation in lettuce
  • Genetic analysis of post harvest discolouration
  • Mapped candidate genes for nitrate accumulation and post-harvest discolouration

Carrot and Onion:

  • Carrot diversity set of half sib families and an S1 derived from 96 carrot plant genetic resources (PGR) accessions
  • Sources of beneficial alleles for improved seed/seedling vigour
  • A defined onion diversity set of half sib families from 96 PGR accessions
  • Sources of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cepae
  • Sources of alleles for improved compatibility with mycorrhizal fungi

Seed and DNA availability:

Brassica and Lettuce - Dr Graham Teakle (graham dot teakle at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Onion - Dr Andrew Taylor (andrew dot taylor at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Carrot - Dr Charlotte Allender (charlotte dot allender at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Seed availability is dependent on stock levels and will incur a charge to cover handling and distribution costs and cost of replacement.

It should be noted that for larger requests, the requester may wish to include these costs in grant applications.

A materials transfer agreement may also be required depending on the resource.