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Summer Research Projects 2017

Summer Research Projects 2016

Summer Research Projects 2015


Student Name Project Title Supervisor

Theodoris Assiotis

Orthogonal Polynomials, Non Colliding Diffusions and Extended Kernels Neil O'Connell
Neil Chada Reduced Basis-EnKF Method for Inverse Problems Andrew Stuart
Lloyd Connellan Transparent Boundary conditins applied to Atmospheric problems Andreas Dedner
Adam Nix Mathematical Computation in Cell Biology Charles Elliott
Wojciech Ozanski Monge-Ampere equation and the 2D Navier Stokes equations James Robinson
Pavlos Tsatsoulis Solutions to the Stochastic Quantisation Equatiions Hendrik Weber
Curtis Wilson Decay Estimates for Minimiser of Lattice Energy of Multilattices with Point Defects Christoph Ortner


Summer Research Projects 2014

Student Name
Project Title
Adam Bowditch Biased Random Walks on subcritical Galton-Watson Trees Conditioned to Survive David Croydon
Qiaochu Chen Particle Filtering and Parameter Inference for the CIR Model Gareth Roberts
Oliver Dunbar Knot energies in the numerical detection and prevention of self-intersecting moving membranes Bjorn Sinner
Jake Dunn Stability Problems in AdS Spacetimes Mario Micallef/ Claude Warnick
Matthew Egginton Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation corresponding to an Invariant Manifold of Molecular Dynamics Florian Theil
Rodolfo Gameros Leal Traffic in Poissonian Line Networks Wilfrid Kendall
Yulong Lu A Bayesian Level Set Method for Geometric Inverse Problems Andrew Stuart
Jamie Lukins On the Asymptotic Density of an Infinite System of Coalescing Random Walks Roger Tribe
Annagloria Santello Corruption as an evolutionary theoretic game Vassili Kolokoltsov
Jack Skipper Besov Spaces and Parabolic Systems James Robinson
John Sylvester The cover cost of a random walk on a random graph Agelos Georgakopulos
Luke Williams Aspects of Symmetry Breaking in Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Florian Theil

 Summer Research Projects 2013

Student Name
Project Title
Matthew Dunlop The support theorum Andrew Stuart
Adam Griffin Convergence to Equilibrium in Granular Media and Related Equations Simon Spencer
Graham Hobbs Monge Gauge with Point Particles Charlie Elliott
Jere Koskela The Spatial Lamda-Fleming-Viot Process: Modelling and Inference in Population Genetics Dario Spano
Benjamin Lees Probabilistic representations of qantum spin systems Daniel Ueltschi
Jorge Lindley Enstrophy and Temperatrue Gradient Production for Vortices in Stratified Flow Robert Kerr
Felipe Medina Aguayo The Pseudo-Marginal approach to MCMC Gareth Roberts
Fazian Nazar Electronic Structure of Defects in the Thomas-Fermi-von-Weisz acker Model of Crystals Christoph Ortner
David O'Connor Surface Cahn-Hilliard Equation Bjorn Stinner
Huan Wu Atomistic-to-contium coupling Christoph Ortner


Summer Research Projects 2012

Student Name
Project Title
Maha Al Harji

Spatial Modelling and Simulation of Ran-driven Nuclear Transport

Markus Kirklionis
Amal Alphonse

Cell Motility: Modelling and Analysis

Charlie Elliott
Simon Bignold

Density Functional Theory: The Classical Hard-Core Gas

Christoph Ortner
Tessa Colledge

Free Energy and Large Deviations for 1-Dimensional Pinning Models

Stefan Adams
Owen Daniel

Phase Transitions in the Random Stirring Process on Infinite Graphs

Stefan Adams
Barnaby Garrod

The Infinitesimal Pairwise Immigration model

Roger Tribe
Alexander Kister

Loop-Erased Random Walks and Schramm-Loewner-Evolutions

Stefan Adams
Chin Lun

Eigenvalues of a Hermitian matrix of Brownian motions with drift

Jon Warren
Yuchen Pei

RSK Correspondence and Pitman's Theorem

Neil O'Connell
Abhisek Shukla

The Bayesian Approach to Inverse Problems

Andrew Stuart
Matthew Thorpe

Multi Target Tracking as Applied to Telecommunications

Florian Theil

 Summer Research Projects 2011

Student Name
Project Title
Don Praveen Amarasinghe A Mathematical Foundation for Density Functional Theory- A Statistical Mechanics Approach. Stefan Adams
Aylwin Andrew First Passage Times for Levy Processes Llarbi Alili
Charles Brett Inverse Problems Including Interfaces and Free Boundaries Charlie Elliott
Michael Eyres What are the Possible Conformal Invariance Principles for Voronoi Percolations? Stefan Adams
Adam Hall Pharmacokinetic and Pharmcodynamic Modelling of the Anti-Malarial Drug Artemisinin John Aston
Andrew Lam Surface Phase-Field Methods. Bjorn Stinner
Pravin Madhavan Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Surface Partial Differential Equations Andreas Dedner
David McCormick Limit States for the Euler Equations and Magnetohydrodynamics James Robinson
Chris Pettitt A Review of Computational Methods in Population Genetics Dario Spano
Michael Scott Stochastic Partial Differential Equations on an Evolving Surface Martin Hairer
Maria Veretennikova Control Fractional Dynamics with Applications to Games and Finances Vassili Kolokoltsov