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The 19th SIAM-UKIE Annual Meeting will be held on January 8, 2015 at the University of Bath. The programme of the meeting will be based on six plenary talks on different topics of interest to a varied audience of established and young researchers in applied and industrial mathematics, and a poster session by graduate students.



SIAM Chapter Talk Wednesday 16 October 2013

After Warwick - a talk by Professor Robert Calderbank. Robert Calderbank is Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Information Initiative at Duke University. Prior to joining Duke as Dean of Natural Sciences in 2010, he directed the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University. Prior to joining Princeton in 2004 he was Vice President for Research at AT&T, in charge of what may have been the first industrial research lab where the primary focus was Big Data.

Professor Calderbank is well known for contributions to voiceband modem technology, to quantum information theory, and for co-invention of space-time codes for wireless communication. His research papers have been cited more than 30,000 times and his inventions are found in billions of consumer devices. Professor Calderbank was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2005 and has received a number of awards, most recently the 2013 IEEE Hamming Medal for his contributions to information transmission.

Postgraduate study in California, research in mathematical sciences at Bell Labs, executive positions at AT&T, and finally professor at Princeton and Duke. This will be an informal talk with stories from Industry and Academia and a description of some mathematical ideas that have been incorporated in billions of consumer devices.

Please join us at 3pm on Wednesday 16th October in MS.04 for what I am sure will be a highly interesting and entertaining talk. There will be some snacks and juice available in the common room after the talk.

For more information on the SIAM Warwick Student Chapter visit:

The SIAM Warwick student chapter held a public lecture by Neil Roques from Tesco PLC next week which may be of interest to you. The talk
was accessible to all undergraduates, postgraduates and staff.

Title: Using Maths to Build a Better Tesco

Abstract: When it gets hot people buy more burgers, but how many more? If the potatoes are about to go off, you can sell them by reducing the prices, but how do you work out how much to reduce? Customers expect 100% availability at all times, but we don't know what they are going to buy, so how much stock is enough? Discover how Britain’s biggest retailers uses mathematics to understand its customers and drive its supply chain.

Time: 4 - 5pm Thursday 14th February 2013

Place: MS.05

After graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Mathematics, Neil began work at Tesco PLC as an analyst in 2006. For two years he worked on the implementation of a new fresh food ordering system that saved £28 million annually in waste. From 2009 onwards, he leads a team of nine analysts and experts using cutting edge statistics and big data to transform Tesco's supply chain by making better orders.

Please join us at 4pm on Thursday 14th February in MS.05 for what will be a highly interesting and entertaining talk. There will be some snacks and juice available after the talk.