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2017 Cohort

Graduate PhD Thesis Title Supervisor First Destination
Hanson Bharth Mathematical models of a frictional elastic surface deformed by a rigid cylindrical roller Dr Edward Brambley  
Dominic Brockington Brownian Motions in Random Environments Dr Jonathan Warren  
Philip Hanson

Small-Time Asymptotics of Coalescent and Fleming-Viot Processes

Dr Dario Spano  
Jacek Kiedrowski   Professor Nikos Zygouras and Dr Guiseppe Cannizzaro  
Jaromir Sant Statistical Inference for Diffusions in Genetics Dr Paul Jenkins and Dr Jere Koskela  
Christian Scharrer

On the minimisation of bending energies related to the Willmore functional under constraints on area and volume

Professor Andrea Mondino and Professor Charlie Elliott Postdoc - Max Planck Insitiute, Bonn, Germany
Osian Shelley      
Jack Thomas Analysis of an ab initio Potnetial Energy Landscape Professor Christoph Ortner  

2016 Cohort

Graduate PhD Thesis Title Supervisor First Destination
Letizia Angeli Interacting Particle Approximations of Feynman-KAC Measures Stefan Grosskinsky  
Eleanor Archer

Random Walks on Decorated Galton-Watson Trees

David Croydon Postdoc Tel Aviv
Luke Hatcher

Phase field models for small deformations

of biomembranes arising as Helfrich energy

Charlie Elliott  
Philip Herbert

Point particle interactions on surface biomembranes: second order splitting and surface finite elements

Charlie Elliott  
Shannon Horrigan

Continuum Random Cluster and Potts models with Delaunay interactions.

Stefan Adams  
Georgios Vasdekis   Gareth Roberts Postdoc, Statistics, University of Warwick
Quirin Vogel Geometric properties of random walk soups Stefan Adams Postdoc, Statistics, University of Warwick

2015 Cohort

Graduate PhD Thesis Title Supervisor First Destination
George Andriopoulos Scaling limits of random walks and their related parameters on critical random trees and graphs David Croydon Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics, NYU, Shanghai
Maciej Buze Atomistic modelling of fracture Christoph Ortner Postdoctoral research associate in Applied mathematics, Cardiff University
Lewis Church Partial Differential Equations on Random Surfaces Charlie Elliott  
Matthew Collins   Andreas Dedner  
Matthew Dickson Interacting Boson Gasas and Large Deviation Principles Stefan Adams  
Simon Etter Polynomial and Rational Approximation for Electronic Structure Calculations Christoph Ortner Peng Tsu Ann Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
William Fitzgerald Exactly Solvable Interacting Particle Systems Jonathan Warren  
Matt Galton Limit Theorems for Slowly Mixing Dynamical Systems Ian Melbourne  
John Herman   Sigurd Assing  
Katharina Hopf On the singularity formation and long-time asymptotics in a class of nonlinear Folcker plural equations Jose Rodrigo  
Ifan Johnston generalised fractional evolution equations Vassili Kolokoltsov  
Kamil Kosiba Relaxation of Integral Functionals Dep on YM Gradient Filip Rindler  
Barinder Matharu Statistical Properties of Compact Group Extensions of Non-Uniforms Exchange Dynamical Systems Ian Melbourne  
Jesse Pritchard      
David Woodford     Lamperti-Kiu processes

2014 Cohort

Graduate PhD Thesis Title Supervisor First Destination
Theodoros Assiotis Integrable Stochastic Dynamics and Gelfand-Tsetlin Patterns Jonathan Warren  
Neil Chada Ensemble Based Methods for Geometric Inverse Problems Andrew Stuart Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
Lloyd Connellan Software for Finite Element Methods and it's Application Andreas Dedner  
Adam Nixon Designing Numerical Methods to Solve Problems Related to Cell Blebbing Bjorn Stinner  
Wojciech Ozanski Partial regularity of mathematical models of fluid mechanics   Postdoc University of Warwick
Pavlos Tsatsoulis Ergodicity and Metastability for the Stochastic Hendrik Weber  

2013 Cohort

2012 Cohort

Graduate PhD Thesis Title Supervisor First Destination
Matthew Dunlop Analysis and Computation for Bayesia Inverse Problems Andrew Stuart Postdoc at Caltech University, United States
Adam Griffin Quasistationary Distributions for Evolving Epidemic models: Simulation and Characterisation Simon Spencer  
Graham Hobbs Particles and Biomembranes: a variational PDE approach Charlie Elliott Civil Service
Jere Koskela Consistency and intractable likelihood for jump diffusions and generalised coalescents Dario Spano Postdoc in TU, Berlin
Benjamin Lees

Quantum spin systems, probabilistic representations and phase transitions

Daniel Ueltschi Humboldt Fellow, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Jorge Lindley A dg FEM for quasi-geostrophic Frontogenesis Robert Kerr  
Felipe Medina Aguayo Stability and Examples of some Approximate MCMC Algorithms Gareth Robers Postdoc at the University of Reading
Faizan Nazar Electronic Structure of Defects in the Thomas-Fermi-von-Weiszacher Model of Crystals Christoph Ortner Postdoc at Paris Dauphine University, France
David O'Connor Phase Field models on evolving surfaces Bjorn Stinner Post at Brainlabs, London
Daniel Sanz Alonso Assimilating data into mathematical models Andrew Stuart Postdoc at Brown University, United States
Huan Wu Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling for crystal defects Christoph Ortner  

2011 Cohort


Graduate PhD Thesis Title Supervisor First Destination
Amal Alphonse Analysis of partial differential equations on surfaces Charlie Elliott Postdoc, WAIS, Berlin
Simon Bignold

Optimisation of the PFC Functional

Christoph Ortner  
Owen Daniel The Bosonic Loop soup and its local field Stefan Adams Civil Service, Ministry of Justice
Barnaby Garrod

One-dimensional interacting particle systems as Pfaffian point systems

Roger Tribe Short term financial industry placements
Alexander Kister

Sample path large deviations for the Laplacian model
with pinning interaction in (1+1)-dimension

Stefan Adams Computer Science Dept, University of Bonn
Chin Lun

A multi-layer extension of the stochastic heat equation

Jon Warren  
Yuchen Pei

The Robinson-Schensted algorithms

Neil O'Connell Postdoc, Harvard University, USA
Abhishek Shukla

Analysis of Data Assimilation schemes

Andrew Stuart  
Matthew Thorpe

Variational methods in Geometric Statistical inference

Florian Theil Postdoc, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA


2010 Cohort

PhD Thesis Title
First Destination
Andrew Aylwin Self similar Markov processess and related topics Llarbi Alili Internship, Citi, Equity and Hybrid Structuring
Charles Brett Optimal Control, Binary reconstruction Charlie Elliott PDRA, IBM, Singapore
Michael Eyers

On Delaunay random cluster models

Stefan Adams Quantative analyst, Barclays
Adam Hall

Structural and statistical aspects in joint modelling of artesunate
pharmacometrics and malarial parasite lifecycle

John Aston Postdoc, University of Cambridge
Andrew Lam Diffusive interface models for soluble surfactants Bjorn Stinner Postdoc, University of Regensburg, Germany
Pravin Madhavan Discontinuous Glaerkin Methods for Surface Partial Differential Equations Andreas Dedner Tessella, Abingdon
David McCormick

Existence and uniqueness theory for MHD systems

James Robinson Postdoc, University of Sussex
Christopher Pettitt

Markov Exchangeable particle systems

Dario Spano MSc, University of Oxford
Michael R Scott A parabolic PDE on an evolving curve and evolving
surface with finite time singularity
Martin Hairer Mathematical programmer, RSMB, London
Maria Veretennikova

Controlled fractional dynamics

Vasilli Kolokoltsov Assistant Professor, National Research University, Moscow